Concept, comments: Zbigniew Gluza
Coordination, editing: Dorota Łubińska
Graphic design, typesetting: Agnieszka Warda
Translation of the English version: Dorota Golębiewska

Version I
Warsaw 2022
ISBN 978-83-66707-82-5

Public task funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in the “Public Diplomacy 2022” call.
The publication expresses only the views of the author and cannot be considered the official position of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Eastern House Message


It is a document of cooperation of individuals, communities and institutions in the context of the Eastern House – a place of mobilization of societies against the war in Ukraine and repression in Russia and Belarus. We have created it together with our Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian, Lithuanian and Russian partners.

In this publication, in addition to general assumptions, we zoom in on the plan of activities of the Eastern House – in its inaugural Warsaw location (Eastern House’s Show Window) and the target location in Mordy near Siedlce.