Oś czasu
  • 1956-1989

Research and editing: Agnieszka Dębska

Graphic design: Danuta Błahut-Biegańska

Warsaw 2006, First Edition
Publishers: KARTA Centre, City of Warsaw Museum of History
Hardcover, 248 pages
Book size: 225×245 mm
ISBN 83-88288-48-2

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A Carnival under sentence

Solidarność 1980-81


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Opis książki

Thanks to an understanding between the strikers and the authorities – in the midst of “social realism” in Poland – the nation experienced a brief experience of freedom during the period from September 1980 to December 1981. It was a period when “Solidarność” union appeared and changed Polish history. We present it in an album A Carnival under sentenceZobacz więcej

Pełny opis

“Carnival time” – a description of the euphoria of that period, seen from the perspective of martial law. In comparison to the realities of life after 13th December 1981, that period seemes like a holiday of freedom, a time to voice out loud all manner of truths.

However, can one really use the word ‘Carnival’ to describe a time when every moment of joy, every ray of hope turned out to be just an illusion…?

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