Oś czasu
  • 1956-1989

Choice of texts and Chief Editor: Katarzyna Madoń-Mitzner

English translation: Barbara Herchenreder

Cover design: Danuta Błahut-Biegańska

Warsaw 2005, Second Edition
Softcover, 104 pages
Publisher: Fundacja Ośrodka KARTA
ISBN 83-88288-62-8

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The Days of Solidarity (wersja angielska)


11.00  8.99 

Opis książki

The events, which took place in Poland in August 1980, brought about a turning point in the history of post-war Europe. This breach in the unity of the Soviet bloc opened the way to the breakdown of a totalitarian system which had triumphed after the II World War. The history of those eighteen days from 14th to 31st August, encompasses – in a nutshell – the entire journey from enslavement to freedom of a society emerging from under the yoke of Communism. Zobacz więcej

Pełny opis

On 15th August local community news carried the word “strike”. I came home from my night shift and told my wife: something’s about to happen, you’d better stock up with food.
Bronisław Petlic (worker, Gdynia)

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