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  • Po 1989

Managing Editor: Agnieszka Knyt

English translation: Barbara Herchenreder, Aneta Dylewska

Graphic design: Danuta Błahut-Biegańska

Warsaw 2004, Third Edition
Softcover, 120 pages
Publisher: KARTA Centre
ISBN 83-88288-91-1

Z serii: Poza seriami

The End of Yalta

Breakthrough in Eastern Europe 1989/90


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Opis książki

The End of Yalta shows with pictures and documents the agony of the age of Poland People’s Republic, “10 months” of Hungary, “10 weeks” of GDR, “10 days” of Czechoslovakia, revolution in Romania and situation in Baltic Republics. The book ends with calendar of events in the Middle-East Europe from 1990s until the 1st of May 2004 – the day of including eight post-soviet countries into European Union. Zobacz więcej

Pełny opis

Yalta, a smallish town in Crimea, became a symbol. Timothy Garton Ash in his book The Polish Revolution: Solidarity, wrote: When I was in Poland for the first time, I frequently heard the magic word “Yalta”. “Yalta”, my new friends would sigh. At the word “Yalta” conversation would fade into a melancholy silence. Does “Yalta” mean “fate”?

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